PolygonFlux Support & Feedback

We have anticipated and answered many questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

PolygonFlux's built in Help Page is available on-line for your reference.

If your question or comment is not addressed by the FAQ or Help Page, feel free to write us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

TimeHavenMedia @ Gmail.com

Known Issues

There are 5 known issues with Version 1.0. We have a bug fix release ready for the first week of June 2013.

  1. On iPads with Retina displays, there is a bug that prevents the emitter from being dragged! (Fixed in 1.1!)
  2. Minutes and seconds can turn negative as a result panning too quickly (like swiping). The negative numbers don't affect the angle calculation, but it's obviously not normal. (Fixed in 1.1!)
  3. There is no difference between Rainbow Paint #1 and #2. This was not intended! (Fixed in 1.1!)
  4. Lines in the Album are not as fine as intended in some cases. (Fixed in 1.1!)
  5. Fluxagons may appear upside down when displayed by some programs. Examples: Safari on Mac OSX GMAIL thumbnail is OK, but clicking on it shows the original upside down. This is due to the 'orientation' that gets put in the EXIF metadata for the JPEG. Work-around: Use a painting program to flip the image vertically. (We like the ambiguity. :^)