Fluxagon Gallery

Fluxagon Gallery sounds like something out of Harry Potter...

We have put up this temporary exhibit while we curate a longer-term collection for the gallery. Please feel free to contribute by sending fluxagons to: support at polygonflux.com. Come back later in the winter for the Gallery opening. (There is nothing to stop PolygonFlux users from posting fluxagons on tumblr or other social networking sites. Please attribute the image to the PolygonFlux iPad App.)

We present these with the only comment that the square one was done before we starting drawing the polygon's perimeter last, so that it covers up the jagged line ends. At first, the jaggedness seemed like a neat effect, but it doesn't look good in all themes. Maybe this will become a theme parameter in future versions - whether to draw the polygon first or last. --jm

The Theme used for this 11-sided polygon was Electron.
The Origination angle was 59 degrees 50 minutes 46 seconds.
The point bounced 3997 times.

The Electron theme was also used for this triangle.
The Origination angle was 45 degrees.
Note the flux intersecting itself at three different right angles.
Approximately 360 bounces. The pattern gets finer with explosions of blossoms of varying sizes as the number of bounces increases.

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